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CRiSP(R)y Space Surf and Turf

Published onMay 18, 2020
CRiSP(R)y Space Surf and Turf

I propose a speculative jellyfish orientated menu (still in development) with a range of modification options and complimentary ingredients, inspired by current research and modern fusion cuisine, that will enhance taste, texture and nutritional value of jelly fish, combining this with using collagen produced by the very same jellyfish to grow an in vitro meat, redefining surf n turf, and sending it into space. This concept uses previous research successes in space-based jellyfish breeding, CRiSPR editing and genetic modification of jellyfish to enhance its nutrition, flavour and texture, along with reducing toxins, in order to establish them as a staple, sustainable space food, both in its pure form as a fresh and dried protein, while also diversifying and adding value through producing collagen hydrogel from them, for in vitro tissue production of other animal-based proteins. 

Since 1991 NASA has successfully bred jellyfish and while their appearance makes them appear to be the perfect floating food, with CRiSPR enhancements, they can be even better! Recent research also suggests jellyfish have a huge potential further modification, for everything from increased/targeted antimicrobials, antioxidants, antibiotics, antibacterial and antifungals and of course we can make them bioluminescent, for that extra glow at meal time. 

The outcome will consist of the recipes for a menu consisting of raw, dried and air-fried jellyfish, along with in vitro grown meat, with an entrée of jellyfish salad, main course the of CRiSP(R)y Space Surf’n’Turf and a dessert of jellyfish-coconut pudding and jellyfish bubble tea. Genetic modifications will include using papaya extract to enhance antimicrobial activity against salmonella and tenderize the flesh, along with traditional methods such as adding lime in ceviche. Other differing CRiSPR methods and ingredients will also be used to create a range of flavours and textures to suit the different courses. YUM!


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