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The Expelled

Published onMay 18, 2020
The Expelled

Insidious immigration laws were tightened and applied to all the oppressed, and the government let us leave planet Earth. Among the most important things for a sustainable life in space was food. We, the disenfranchised, decided to take our indigenous foods from the Andes, Amazonia, West and Central Africa, Persia and South Asia. We created a repository of ingredients and recipes. Our foods had to be especially prepared and shipped in novel packaging while some had to be genetically modified to enable their reproduction in space. Food was what unified us regardless of status, educational background, religion, and politics. Our new communities kept receiving people from Earth, and we taught them our new ceremonies, our mixed space-based cultural practices. This helped us remember our backgrounds, our cultures, our histories. From ancient gods and practices to new technologies, we all used foods brought from Earth to create and grow stronger bonds.


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