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Space Tea Ceremony (STC)

Published onMay 18, 2020
Space Tea Ceremony (STC)

What can we learn from the colonial past on Earth through the history of tea? Do you see the shadow of Dutch East India Company in current space industries cooperations? How can we avoid reproducing colonial behaviors in our interplanetary future? Space Tea Ceremony (STC) is an interplanetary culinary experience exploring these questions.

STC is a spiritual process inviting space-travelers to reconnect with their ancestors, the land, and space far far away. Tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world after water. Tea was one of the great engines that drove the globalization of the world economy, meanwhile caused wars and boosted colonization. Drinking tea in space opens up a new context to raise questions about who is entitled to what land. 

Accommodating long space travel, STC  is served as a multi-day tea ritual, with tea pre-prepared in different traditions using ingredients from different regions around the world each day, along with short essays or poems or music about decolonization. STC package includes Chinese green tea, Hong Kong-style silk stocking milk tea, Taiwanese boba tea, Indian Masala chai tea, Turkish Rize tea, Moroccan mint tea, British black tea with sugar and milk, American ice tea, etc. The serving method varies according to the tea type, for example, Taiwanese boba tea is served as floating milky bubbles in a big container (which can be a bubble too) and Chinese green tea is served in teaware designed following the principles of capillary flow experiment.

In the end, STC is a science fiction reimagines the interplanetary future via tea leaves, co-written with everyone at the tea table.


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