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Pancake 3D

Published onMay 18, 2020
Pancake 3D

The Pancake 3D is a new way to cook one of the most basic breakfast foods and turn it into something innovative and artistic by using modern day technology. The Pancake 3D is a machine that can print out different images and drawings onto pancakes. Art is an important part of our world as it is in our everyday life. Pancake 3D incorporates both food and art in space to cook food while also creating art, which brings culture to space. 

Our machine is built for 2120 when space travel will be more accessible to people as a vacation. Right now, in 2019 astronauts eat meals out of pouches due to the many limitations of cooking in space. We want to change the way space travelers interact and consume food.  The Pancake 3D is designed to enhance the food making and meal time ritual, as well as provide space travelers a creative outlet.  An astronaut can either create their own design or import an art piece to print onto a pancake. Another one of Pancake 3D’s features are the nutrients that color the pancake, by using different colors for different vitamins and nutrients. The Pancake 3D combines the importance of Earth's art culture with food to make dining a more exciting and enjoyable experience while also creating space's new generation of art. 

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