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ALFRED: Appropriately Leveled Freestanding Railed Eating Device

Published onMay 18, 2020
ALFRED: Appropriately Leveled Freestanding Railed Eating Device

Looking ahead to when commercial interplanetary travel is prevalent, crews aboard mass produced vehicles will become progressively less trained as the mode becomes more popular among average consumers. As a consequence, astronauts may feel unprepared to face the perils of space alongside fellow astronauts they don't truly know or work well with. Our table and dining area design, ALFRED, aims to promote community building during the only time crews are all together and not working : meals, thereby preparing them for missions to come in a comfortable environment. Our research has concluded that the act of setting up a meal as a group makes people feel like they are part of a community, which is vitally important for small groups that spend extended amounts of time together, and thus a need for crews on long journeys. The table's retractable design is created such that crews would be required to assemble it before each use, allowing members to improve such team-based attributes they would no-doubt need to complete whatever mission they were assigned. This property is complimented by several home like features, including lighting and planned open space, that remove the astronauts from their sterile capsule - and invoke feelings similar to those received from being at home, perhaps enjoying a sit down meal with family - allowing for a home like, non-intimidating feeling to comfort crews.

Our submission is comprised of two parts - a stow-away table, and floor plan for the surrounding module. In conjunction with one another, crews would enjoy the benefits mentioned above, all with minimized space-efficiency related disruption to the capsule. If implemented on future vehicles, Alfred would unite crews, preparing them for their missions to come, all at a nominal space expense.


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