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Space Baos

Published onMay 18, 2020
Space Baos

Freshly baked bread is one of the most comforting things in the world. With its aroma swirling out of bakery doors and the chewy tenderness of a warm loaf, bread not only fills our bellies, but also our hearts. 

Bread is so essential to our global culture that it has grown beyond being merely a supporting member of a meal to become an integral part of religious rituals, a popular slang word, and even a symbol of peace; breaking bread is visceral satisfaction. 

Hovering in the cold desert of outer space, however, our astronauts are forbidden from eating this dough-born miracle. Such is the practical reality of zero gravity that seemingly-innocuous bread is transformed into a serious hazard. Crumbs floating around a spacecraft causing havoc by nosing their way into the nooks of important machinery and the simple act of opening an oven releasing large bubbles of scaldingly hot air could prove fatal to those aboard the craft. By this terribly unfortunate situation, our astronauts are denied this physical and emotional sustenance, instead relegated to plain, floppy tortillas.

Space Baos are inspired by the breadless plight of astronauts, a renegade solution. Fresh-steamed, rather than baked, baos replace crust and crumb with moist fluffiness. Even without the creative freedom of a kitchen, this treat gives astronauts the ability to choose fillings to inject into the buns. To optimize the probability of being able to recreate this recipe beyond our planet Earth in the future, Space Baos are free of animal products. Let our astronauts soar with the carbohydrate-swaddled comfort of a tasty bao!


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