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New Horizon Fine Dining: Red Lasagna Dish

Published onMay 18, 2020
New Horizon Fine Dining: Red Lasagna Dish

New Horizon Course is a fine dining immersive experience designed by Henry Tan x SpaceZab Company in collaboration with Chef Hope who is the first to received 1Billions Light Year from Galaxy Gourmet Guide. Inspired by the New Horizon probe journey to explore Pluto onwards Kuiper belt to the edge of our solar system. The 15 dishes course, each created according to characteristics and gastronomy of planet, moon, cloud, asteroid along the trip. Together with sci-fi eating technologies. New Horizon Course brings a groundbreaking culinary journey to interplanetary trips.  

The highlight dishes are "Red Lasagna" and "Food or not Planet or not"

Red Lasagna has inspired by Galileo who is the first to discover Jupiter’s four largest moons in 1610. In 2007 New Horizon approach Jupiter for gravity assists to increase the speed toward Pluto. 


Cheese Spray

Tomato Extract Spray

Meat Spray

Lasagna Noodle sculpture









Glass Dome with an infrared heating device and lid

Laser Knife

Rehydration Gun


1.Chef deployed Glass Dome floating

2.Noodle sculpture is placed inside the Glass Dome

3.Rehydration process forming cyclone water around the noodle sculpture

4.Infrared heating around Glass Dome interior is activate

5.Cheese, Tomato extracted and Meat are sprayed into the cyclone noodle forming layers of 6.Red Lasagna surface and texture

7Adding Powder of Parmesan, Garlic, Onion, Basil, Salt, Pepper into the Lasagna

8.Heating continues and Glass Dome Rotating until Lasagna is crispy and ready

9.Cutting with Laser Knife Chef delivers bite-size Red Lasagna to the guest

10.Guest breathe in helium gas and enjoy Red Lasagna together

Food or not Planet or not is a frozen alcohol tasting experience inspired by Pluto. 

Our team is working on the details of the whole dining course. we are happy to share our progress with you and join your conversation.


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