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Martyan's Wedding Cake

Published onMay 18, 2020
Martyan's Wedding Cake

Space travel will bring a whole new meaning to destination weddings and with it, new adaptations to wedding cuisine. Bringing a martian inspired twist to the engagement of our friend Martyn, “Martyan's Wedding Cake” takes the traditional bride and groom wedding cakes and envisions a new cultural experience that celebrates love in outer space. 

Design - Each cake features a custom parametric design. Using Modo and Grasshoper for a design concept featuring a more festive and decorated bridal cake compared to a smaller and simplified groom's cake.

Fabrication - The finalized geometries for each design were optimized for 3D printing. A silicone mould was created by pouring MM 730 Silicone Type (Food Safe) over the printed designs.

Recipe - The intricacy of the parametric designs are revealed in a modified raindrop cake recipe. This recipe requires two base ingredients: mineral water and agar powder, which acts as the primary setting agent. These ingredients can be enhanced with a customizable palette of unique flavors including: coconut water, coffee, flavored jelly, and champagne. 

Garnish - Each cake is adorned with special garnishes including dried flowers, citrus zest, and dehydrated fruit.

We present Martyan's Wedding Cake through five festive concepts, each tailored to represent lively and diverse culinary experiences.

The project was made collaboratively by 4 students: Isabelle Asakura, Nonna Shabanova, Sitthitouch Surabotsopon, Nikola Miloradovic


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