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Moon Day

Published onMay 18, 2020
Moon Day

Moon Day is  a new holiday, celebrated on the ISS, that occurs every 27 days. . This ritual was designed as a way to break up the monotony of work in space, and take time to reflect on the phases of the moon. 

The celebration revolves around a three course meal. Each course represents a different phase of the moon, with an appetizer representing the full moon, the main dish representing the many craters and landscapes of a slightly waning moon, and the desert represented a waning crescent. 

The main dish is the climax of the holiday celebration, as astronauts recognize the importance of transition to the next 27-day cycle of the moon. The main dish is comprised of cashew chicken which mimicks the texture of the moon, fried eggs to represent craters, and mashed potatoes to show the impending shadow on the moon.  Our celebration is important for the astronauts as it sets aside time for reflection, relationship building, and instills a sense of time for those aboard the ISS.


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