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Septum Scenter

Published onMay 18, 2020
Septum Scenter

Astronauts rely on food for comfort and mental well-being in outer space; therefore, it is imperative that their meals are satisfactory and reminisce of Earth. Due to the micro gravity in space, particles do not diffuse the same way they would on Earth, and food molecules do not travel into people's noses, suspending their sense of smell. Nearly half of the eating experience is the aroma of the meal, and without it, some foods are hardly identifiable. Astronauts' lack of smell in outer space prevents them from tasting and enjoying their foods the same way they would on Earth. To enhance the astronauts dining experience, the Septum Scenter diffuses artificial smells into the astronauts’ noses to replicate a meal eaten on Earth.

The purpose of the Septum Scenter is to accommodate the astronauts in a foreign environment, which would allow astronauts to feel more content, and be able to taste the full scope of their meal. Without being able to appreciate their meals, an astronaut’s mental state can deteriorate. To maintain a happy astronaut, delicious smelling and tasting food is essential. Before a meal, the Septum Scenter is inserted into one's nose. Captured and liquefied smells of the cooking meal will then be released into the astronaut's nose to emulate the experience of a home-cooked meal being prepared. When it is time to eat, the Septum Scenter switches to the fully cooked meal’s scent. 

Our product revolutionizes space travel because meals eaten in micro gravity will taste and feel exactly like meals at home on Earth. The Septum Scenter will allow us to create an Earth-like eating experience in space transit. With a familiar environment, people will be more open to traveling the galaxy in the future.


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