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A Recipe for Cultivated Meat in Zero G

Published onMay 18, 2020
A Recipe for Cultivated Meat in Zero G

What will space food culture look like in 50 years? How will our meals continue to bring us together, take us beyond our atmosphere and into the unknown. Cultivated meat, space miso, and bio-farmed microgreens. Forget the freeze-dried meals - we can do better. The future of food is in our hands. 

Through creativity and speculative thinking, my recipe for “Cultivated Meat with Bio-farmed Miso Microgreens” brings together in situ resource utilization and closed-looped food systems to form delicious, umami packed cultivated meat with a side of fresh bio-farmed greens. 

Cultivated meat is at the cutting edge of food technology, combining the fields of engineering, food science and gastronomic design. Humans can now eat delicious meat without the environmental and ethical cost of traditional agriculture. Pair this with a side of bio-farmed microgreens, and you’ve got yourself a delicious and comforting meal to remind you of life back on earth.


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