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Published onMay 18, 2020

The GAT Package is a biodegradable, reimagined bento box designed to package food for astronauts on their journey to Mars. The word “bento” originated from a Southern Song slang term, literally meaning “convenient” or “convenience”. This design preserves that convenience while modifying it to accommodate to space’s needs and confinements. The purpose of the design is to eliminate the current packaging issues in space, such as waste and the lack of reuse. To address these problems, all of the materials used in this food packaging design is biodegradable and can be fully decomposed within a few weeks after use. Not only does it curtail the amount of waste being produced, but it also can be easily decomposed into the soil and provide carbon for plants.

This product is a package that can be transformed into a plate when an attached string is pulled. Once converted into a plate, food pouches are ripped and squeezed to extract the food. Inspired by the bento box, this package is designed to keep all the different foods separate. As a result, the flavors do not mix. Water can be inserted through the straw panels for rehydration of the previously dehydrated food.

This packaging is made of SCOBY packaging, seaweed straws, and jute twine. The SCOBY packaging is used as pouches to directly store the food, the seaweed straws are used as the structure and foundation of the design, and the jute twine is used as string to hold everything together at the top. Both the seaweed straws and SCOBY are 100% edible as well. This creation is beneficial for space food and storage because it has multiple purposes for the astronauts who are going on a four-year journey where resources are limited.

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